Avoid Homeowners’ 5 Most Common Summer Mistakes

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Remember, There’s No Weather Offseason In Iowa

Through snow, wind, rain and more rain, we endured to reach the Promised Land.

After a spring only a fish could love, weather-weary Iowans have finally reached sweet summertime. While our only weekend thoughts may naturally be to cue up the stereo, fire up the barbecue, crack open a cold one, hang out with The Avengers and Spider-Man, camp out at the beach or hit the water, we can’t afford to hibernate on the relentless weather and environmental threats that continue to assault our homes during the summer months. read more

May Is National Deck Safety Month

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How To Spot A Deck In Trouble Before Disaster Strikes

There’s no better view of summer on a sunny day than a backyard deck. It’s the stuff dreams and Norman Rockwell paintings are made of.

Unfortunately, there are few scarier feelings than standing on a rickety, creaky deck. For as the Reading (Pa.) Eagle’s Karen Chandler notes, “the potential problems lurking in a poorly maintained or non-inspected deck could spell catastrophe for homeowners, families or guests.” And there’s no check engine light that goes off automatically when a deck’s in structural trouble. read more

Storm Windows Provide Inexpensive Protection From Season’s Unpredictable Weather

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As everyone who’s ever lived a day in Iowa knows all too well, the weather can go from pleasant to crazy without a second’s notice.

Iowa’s famously unpredictable spring weather and its often fierce rain, wind and hail storms can ravage unprepared houses. Fortunately, a simple, smart, inexpensive storm defense system can enable your home’s most vulnerable points to survive the strongest spring storms unscathed, and your energy bills to stay on a steady, healthy, low-cash diet. read more

Best Spring Basement Flooding Defense Is A Good Offense

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In your front yard, once mighty snow mountains are melting. In the side yard, ice glaciers are turning to watery mush. In the back yard, hardy early spring rains are naturally constructing a small river.

The thaw is on in full force.

The signs of changing seasons are everywhere. Exiting Stage Left is the lousiest Iowa winter in years, entering the picture is the promise of spring, but also the scariest words of the new season:  Spring flooding. read more

How To Beat The Iowa Winter Home Pipe Freeze

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As the thermostat plunges further toward zero, the nervous Iowa homeowner prays to St. Sebaldus, the Patron Saint of Fighting Cold Weather, that her home’s aging water supply pipes can withstand the latest polar plunge of a relentless Iowa winter.

For many Iowans with older homes, this is a heartbreaking fact of brutal Iowa winters. All it takes is one sub-freezing temperature plunge to ice pipes. The University of Illinois’ Building Research Council reports the “temperature alert threshold” – the temperature at which pipes are vulnerable to freezing – is 20 degrees Fahrenheit, especially for pipes running through uninsulated spaces. When the air temperature around water pipes drops, the heat from water inside the pipes transfers out to the cold air. This can happen anytime the air surrounding the pipes dips below 32 degrees (also known as The Freezing Line).

The U.S. Department of Energy reminds all Americans that this time of year “your pipes are vulnerable.” To learn if your pipes are vulnerable to freezing or bursting, read this helpful article. read more

Behold Savings Power of New Year’s Home Energy Resolutions

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These Easy-To-Keep 2019 Efficiency Goals Will Keep Money In Your Wallet & Out Of Your Bill

The invisible dollars we don’t see floating from our homes and out of all wallets can be mind-blowing when we finally sit and break down what our home’s energy usage is costing us.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports the average Iowa home owner’s electric bill runs $102.55 per month. That’s $1,228.60 per year, or one full two week paycheck for the average Iowan. The EIA estimates the average American home consumes 10,3999 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy a year, making it, as House Logic jokes, “a glutton (that) gobbles energy like a starved elephant.” read more

Beware The Most Deadly Fire Season of Year

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Don’t Let Your Family Become A Tragic Holiday Statistic

The heartcrushing headlines could come from Any Town, Iowa.

December 23, 2017

DAVENPORT, Iowa: Kelsey Clain and her four children perish when their mobile home catches fire. Authorities report the Clain family had no working smoke detectors in their home.

Christmas Day, 2017

BLUE GRASS, Iowa: Four people die in a house fire just 15 miles from the Quad Cities. Again, firefighters site non-functional smoke detectors as a key contributor to the fire’s deadly toll. read more