Washing Machine Home Flooding Prevention Plan

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When washing machines go to the dark side, they usually go bad, super bad, a cat trying to keep its footing during a tornado bad.

We’re not just talking about wet laundry here. We’re talking about a flooded house.

According to a Roto-Rooter study, most household floods and water damage are caused by plumbing or appliance failure. The damage for these disasters can up to hundreds and even tens of thousands of dollars. read more

Unlocking Code to Big Home Energy Savings an Easy Formula

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Every American homeowner would love to make their home’s energy use smarter, greener, more efficient, and mostly importantly, cheaper. The sometimes Rubik’s Cube-like problem: Not nearly enough Americans know how far simple home energy source changes can go in saving their home and wallets unnecessary energy costs. And you don’t have to go all Jack Benny or Penny Pincher to roll in the savings. read more

The House Whisperer: How to Know What Your Home Is Telling You

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Many a home owner has wondered, “If these walls could only talk?”

The truth is, our homes talk to us every day. We just need to listen to the stories, worries, and problems the old gal is telling us.

Anyone can be a house whisperer.

By listening to the noises our houses emit, we can get a vivid picture of their overall structural, electrical and anesthetic health. Houses groan, creak and pop on a regular basis. They are built from a variety of different materials — glass, concrete and wood – that create a symphony of unusual and erratic noises. read more

Client Testimonial: The Allen Family

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From Anne and Bill Allen:

A year ago last January when our state was in a deep freeze we received a phone call from our neighbor that we had a water pipe break. I did not understand the extent of damage 34,000 gallons of water could do until receiving pictures. Our insurance company contacted Reconstruction 380 out of Cedar Rapids and Waterloo, which was the best part of that horrible day! Immediately we were contacted by a 380 representative that had been to our house to begin the long process of drying out and trying to salvage items that could be saved. read more

Client Testimonial: The Panoch Family

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From Mike and Kelly Panoch:

When one walks into their 2–story home, the last thing they expect to see is water coming from every light fixture in their kitchen.  When this does happen, the emotions are so overwhelming that one is almost in a state of shock.

After shutting off the water, I made a phone call to my insurance agent, and they suggested calling Reconstruction 380 because they are a preferred company of my insurance.  A call was made, and they arrived quickly.  They began diagnosing the damage, and brought in the equipment needed to dry out all 3 levels of our home. read more

How to Cap Your Home’s Energy Losses This Winter

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Winter has a bad habit of sucking the life out of everything, including your home’s energy savings.

The calendar’s coldest month can put a deep freeze on your home’s energy efficiency. And with El Nino cooling off and the National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) expecting temperatures to be much colder this winter – 17 percent chillier in the U.S. Midwest alone (which equates to an average of $49) – it may be extremely hard for American homeowners in the Heartland to mine energy savings this winter. For homes heated by natural gas, residential natural gas prices are forecast to average $10.37 per thousand cubic feet – an 11 percent spike from last year. read more

CO Alarms Our Only Fair Warning Against The Silent Killer

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No fair warning, invisible to human senses, no mercy on unsuspecting families.

The vicious traits of carbon monoxide make it one of one of the most ruthless and dangerous threats to American families. Known as the invisible killer, CO is an odorless, colorless gas created when fuels such as gasoline, wood, coal, natural gas, propane, oil and methane, burn incompletely. A natural byproduct of many household appliances including hot water heaters, grills, furnaces, fireplaces, stoves and room heaters, CO can strike unsuspectingly in kitchens, in garages and in living rooms and kills in minutes. read more

Don’t Roll the Dice on Your Home’s Smoke Detectors

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“It ain’t want you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” ~ Mark Twain

Don’t sleep on uncertainty, especially when you could be waking up to the very real and smoky nightmare of your home in flames.

A home smoke alarm only works when it is properly installed and regularly tested. And the cost of not regularly checking the batteries in your home’s fire protection system is often deadly. read more

Survival Guide for Iowa Floods of 2016

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Iowa is under siege from rising, raging rivers and thousands of home and business owners are wondering how they are going to survive the floods of 2016.

A deluge of rain storms have pummeled the Eastern half of the Hawkeye State and have Iowa’s rivers overflowing their banks and invading towns and cities from Decorah to Iowa City. Greene alone became a floating city after being ravaged by 14 inches of rain in less than 24 hours. Disaster declarations have been declared in 13 counties in Iowa and Wisconsin. read more

Can Solar Power Work Financial Wonders For Your Home Or Business?

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There is no greater energy source in the solar system than the sun, which makes it the perfect energy savings force for homes and businesses.

Millions of American home and business owners have turned to the natural power of solar energy, but just how much savings can solar energy bring your home or business? PV Solar panels offer clean, green energy with none of the harmful emissions produced by traditional energy sources like gas and electricity. read more