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Best Defense Against Hail’s Unpredictable Fury: Be Prepared

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“I grew up in Texas, but that was (long) ago. Last year (2016) in Fort Worth, they had hail the size of softballs. We’re seeing more and more powerful storms, of all types, almost on a biblical level,” Late Actor Bill Paxton (“Twister”)

Ice fell from the sky above Vivian, S.D., without warning and mercy on July 23, 2010. Dropping fast and furious with deep, damaging impact, giant hailstones measuring a U.S. record eight inches in diameter and weighing nearly two pounds indented everything in their path. read more

Don’t Be Shocked By The Rising Cost of Home Ownership

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Most homeowners know the toughest rule of the American Dream: the meter is always running.

The U.S. Census Bureau pegs the average cost of running a household at $1,408 per month. That’s a daily homeownership cost of nearly $47. The cost of your mortgage, home maintenance, insurance and utilities adds up fast. Unfortunately, there are some shocking home costs that are rising seemingly as fast as the sun on tomorrow. Every home owner should be aware of these very real and sometimes very pricy home ownership costs: read more

Hurricane Harvey Lesson: Don’t Fight Floods Without Insurance

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Arguably, the greatest lesson Hurricane Harvey and the monstrous Category 5 Hurricane Irma have taught American homeowners is don’t chance living in a flood plain without flood insurance.

The powerhouse combined force of two of the strongest hurricanes on record have left tens of thousands of Americans homeless, ruined up two one million cars, and wrecked devastating property and financial destruction in both Texas and Florida. read more

Survival Guide for Iowa Floods of 2016

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Iowa is under siege from rising, raging rivers and thousands of home and business owners are wondering how they are going to survive the floods of 2016.

A deluge of rain storms have pummeled the Eastern half of the Hawkeye State and have Iowa’s rivers overflowing their banks and invading towns and cities from Decorah to Iowa City. Greene alone became a floating city after being ravaged by 14 inches of rain in less than 24 hours. Disaster declarations have been declared in 13 counties in Iowa and Wisconsin. read more

Lightning: The Unpredictable Home & Property Threat

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Lighting can strike anywhere, anytime. And if there’s one constant about lightning’s remarkable unpredictability, its timing is rarely good.

Unless you’re Marty McFly and Doc Brown trying to find a way to get back to 1985 in “Back To The Future,” lightning strikes rarely deliver good news. And when lightning strikes your home or property, it can produce not just a scary light show, but shockingly expensive damage. read more

Insurance Only Safe Ground Against this Spring’s Heavy Rains

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April 28, 2016: An estimated 140 billion gallons of water pour down on Houston’s Cypress Creek, Spring Creek and Adicks watersheds in a mere 14 hours.

“So this is what Noah felt like.” – Many a flood-weary Houston homeowner this spring

This spring, the rain just won’t go away.

From the drenched Eastern Seaboard to the soaked Midwest to Marshy Plains to flood-ravaged Texas and storm-battered Gulf Coast, much of the mainland United States has been swamped by relentless rain that just won’t quit. The poor folks in Houston received an incredible 75 inches of rain from April 18 through May 17, 2016. read more