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Tips to Avoid Tree Damage to Your Home

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Even The Mightiest Oak Tree Needs The Occasional Haircut

There’s few more welcoming and soothing features in American yards than a mighty oak, dogwood or maple tree offering shade, comfort and beauty to your home’s landscape. Having a beloved generations old tree older than your home is having your own living Norman Rockwell painting.

Alas, like children, trees need care and nurturing as they age. Unfortunately, trees, like people, aren’t designed to live forever. And as trees reach their golden years, it becomes harder for them to withstand nature’s wrath as wind, thunder and rain storms can turn aging, dying and overhanging branches into costly weapons that can damage your home and endanger your family’s safety. read more

Survival Guide for Iowa Floods of 2016

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Iowa is under siege from rising, raging rivers and thousands of home and business owners are wondering how they are going to survive the floods of 2016.

A deluge of rain storms have pummeled the Eastern half of the Hawkeye State and have Iowa’s rivers overflowing their banks and invading towns and cities from Decorah to Iowa City. Greene alone became a floating city after being ravaged by 14 inches of rain in less than 24 hours. Disaster declarations have been declared in 13 counties in Iowa and Wisconsin. read more

Great Winter Flood of 2016 Threatens Midwest Homes & Businesses

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Along the lower Mississippi River todays lies stunning, costly, heartbreaking and immensely painful images of the destruction and devastation floodwaters have inflicted on thousands of Midwest U.S. home and business owners, their families, employees and customers.

The Mighty Mississippi’s waters continue to rise to record levels in many low-lying areas in Missouri and Illinois as the overflowing river continues its push south, leaving scores of flooded and destroyed homes and businesses in its wake. The National Weather Service measured the Mississippi River at Cape Girardeau, Mo., at an all-time flood record of 48.86 feet in early January. read more

Hoarding: Collecting Real Danger In Your Home

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We all have those special sentimental items that we just can’t part with.

They are the keepsake items that mean so much to us: The Teddy Bear that was our best friend growing up, the sports card collections that includes every member of the 1972 undefeated Miami Dolphins and the 1989 Chicago Cubs, our grandmother’s wedding dress and our grandpa’s old power tools. read more

Biohazards: A Living, Breathing Threat to America’s Homes and Businesses

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Today, there are life-threatening biohazards and biotoxins living and breathing undetected in millions of American homes and businesses.

Unsuspecting home and business owners from coast to coast are unknowingly living and working with dangerous biohazards.

Hiding in the air they breathe, hiding in the walls and furniture they use, and extreme cases, the water they drink, home biotoxins are presenting a very dangerous health and safety threat to millions of Americans. read more

Dirty Gutters Equal Expensive Home Headaches

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Life in the gutter isn’t easy, especially if you’re tasked with keeping your home dry and routing rainwater away from your residence.

When was the last time you cleaned your gutters? If the answer is only when they become loaded with leaves, that’s the wrong answer. We understand the words don’t scream excitement. Cleaning gutters is far from the most glamorous or fun way to spend an autumn Saturday afternoon, but it could be one of the most important home upkeep exercise you take this fall. read more

Can Your Wet Carpet Be Saved?

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One day your beautiful new custom-colored carpet is complementing your living room. One torrential flood later, your pricy home investment is a soaked, soggy mess lying under six inches of water.

As you race to find a Shop-Vac and the phone number of your restoration professional, you wonder nervously, “Can my carpet be saved?”  read more

How to Remove Black Mold from Carpet and Walls

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For homeowners, there is probably no uglier site to discover – save for maybe coming home to find an army of termites devouring your deck — than black mold. The stuff is drearier than an all-day rain storm. It can appear out of nowhere and scar and uglify your attic, basement, porch and any dark area of your home prone to dampness. And left unchecked, mold can grow faster than a Chia Pet and spread like wildfire on drywall, wood, carpets, rugs and tile. read more