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HomeAdvisor Studies State of America’s Home Spending

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Americans are re-investing in their American Dreams.

That’s the terrific headline of HomeAdvisor’s 2018 State of Home Spending report.

“2018 was a robust year for consumer spending on home services, with average total spending of $9,081,” HomeAdvisor reported in its key finding of the survey. read more

Avoid Homeowners’ 5 Most Common Summer Mistakes

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Remember, There’s No Weather Offseason In Iowa

Through snow, wind, rain and more rain, we endured to reach the Promised Land.

After a spring only a fish could love, weather-weary Iowans have finally reached sweet summertime. While our only weekend thoughts may naturally be to cue up the stereo, fire up the barbecue, crack open a cold one, hang out with The Avengers and Spider-Man, camp out at the beach or hit the water, we can’t afford to hibernate on the relentless weather and environmental threats that continue to assault our homes during the summer months. read more

Storm Windows Provide Inexpensive Protection From Season’s Unpredictable Weather

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As everyone who’s ever lived a day in Iowa knows all too well, the weather can go from pleasant to crazy without a second’s notice.

Iowa’s famously unpredictable spring weather and its often fierce rain, wind and hail storms can ravage unprepared houses. Fortunately, a simple, smart, inexpensive storm defense system can enable your home’s most vulnerable points to survive the strongest spring storms unscathed, and your energy bills to stay on a steady, healthy, low-cash diet. read more

Is Your Roof At Risk Of A Career-Ending Injury?

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As winter 2019 turns your block into a snow globe yet again with another one of its “greatest hits” and your back screams in pain with heavy lift, it’s only natural – trust us, folks – to yell “Enough Already!” to Old Man Winter.

If only the pain of this Iowa Winter of Discontent ended there. read more

How To Avoid A Home Heist

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Investing In A Smart Home Security System A Must To Defend Against ‘Creatures of Opportunity’

Chances are, in the time you spend reading this story, 9 to 10 American homes will be burglarized.

A home heist occurs every 13 seconds in the United States, according to FBI statistics. That equals an average of over a million residential burglaries a year leaving an average dollar loss of $2,316.20. read more

Home Maintenance & Repair Savings Rule Book

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For millions of American homeowners, this is a beautiful time of year: Tax return season.

While it’s only natural to have dreams of new cars, new wardrobes, summer baseball vacations and new grills, one of the smartest moves any homeowner can make with their return is deposit in a home maintenance savings account. read more

Tips to Avoid Tree Damage to Your Home

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Even The Mightiest Oak Tree Needs The Occasional Haircut

There’s few more welcoming and soothing features in American yards than a mighty oak, dogwood or maple tree offering shade, comfort and beauty to your home’s landscape. Having a beloved generations old tree older than your home is having your own living Norman Rockwell painting.

Alas, like children, trees need care and nurturing as they age. Unfortunately, trees, like people, aren’t designed to live forever. And as trees reach their golden years, it becomes harder for them to withstand nature’s wrath as wind, thunder and rain storms can turn aging, dying and overhanging branches into costly weapons that can damage your home and endanger your family’s safety. read more

Washing Machine Home Flooding Prevention Plan

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When washing machines go to the dark side, they usually go bad, super bad, a cat trying to keep its footing during a tornado bad.

We’re not just talking about wet laundry here. We’re talking about a flooded house.

According to a Roto-Rooter study, most household floods and water damage are caused by plumbing or appliance failure. The damage for these disasters can up to hundreds and even tens of thousands of dollars. read more

Unlocking Code to Big Home Energy Savings an Easy Formula

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Every American homeowner would love to make their home’s energy use smarter, greener, more efficient, and mostly importantly, cheaper. The sometimes Rubik’s Cube-like problem: Not nearly enough Americans know how far simple home energy source changes can go in saving their home and wallets unnecessary energy costs. And you don’t have to go all Jack Benny or Penny Pincher to roll in the savings. read more