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How To Beat The Iowa Winter Home Pipe Freeze

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As the thermostat plunges further toward zero, the nervous Iowa homeowner prays to St. Sebaldus, the Patron Saint of Fighting Cold Weather, that her home’s aging water supply pipes can withstand the latest polar plunge of a relentless Iowa winter.

For many Iowans with older homes, this is a heartbreaking fact of brutal Iowa winters. All it takes is one sub-freezing temperature plunge to ice pipes. The University of Illinois’ Building Research Council reports the “temperature alert threshold” – the temperature at which pipes are vulnerable to freezing – is 20 degrees Fahrenheit, especially for pipes running through uninsulated spaces. When the air temperature around water pipes drops, the heat from water inside the pipes transfers out to the cold air. This can happen anytime the air surrounding the pipes dips below 32 degrees (also known as The Freezing Line).

The U.S. Department of Energy reminds all Americans that this time of year “your pipes are vulnerable.” To learn if your pipes are vulnerable to freezing or bursting, read this helpful article. read more

Behold Savings Power of New Year’s Home Energy Resolutions

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These Easy-To-Keep 2019 Efficiency Goals Will Keep Money In Your Wallet & Out Of Your Bill

The invisible dollars we don’t see floating from our homes and out of all wallets can be mind-blowing when we finally sit and break down what our home’s energy usage is costing us.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports the average Iowa home owner’s electric bill runs $102.55 per month. That’s $1,228.60 per year, or one full two week paycheck for the average Iowan. The EIA estimates the average American home consumes 10,3999 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy a year, making it, as House Logic jokes, “a glutton (that) gobbles energy like a starved elephant.” read more

Winter’s Unseen Costly Hurt On Homes

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Old Man Winter’s Worst Damage Often Doesn’t Appear Until Spring

The good news for winter-weary Iowans: Regardless of what Punxsutawney Phil (who, rumor has it, has been put in the Groundhog Protection Program by the FBI for his own safety) says, spring is coming.

But what cost this winter’s ruthless savagy has inflicted upon your home remains to be seen.

“We’ve had horror stories of people going outside and working in the yard for four hours and they come in and go downstairs and their basement is flooded because it (the pipe) has been leaking for four hours,” Jack Hope, owner of Hope Plumbing, told the Indianapolis Star. read more

Beware the Grinch Home Fires that Steal Christmas

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Aunt Bethany: “Is your house on fire, Clark?”
Clark Griswold: “No Aunt Bethany, those are the Christmas lights.”

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Alas, The Grinch That Stole Christmas isn’t just a timeless Dr. Seuss classic. It’s the heartbreaking true story thousands of American families will suffer through this holiday season

Residential house fires are more frequent, more costly and deadlier during the holiday season than any other time of the year. The United States Fire Association reports property loss from a holiday fire produces 34 percent more damage than an average fire. The number of holiday fire fatalities per thousand fires is almost 70 percent higher. When the source of the fire is a highly flammable Christmas tree, the cost in lives and property loss is even worse. read more

Client Testimonial: The Allen Family

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From Anne and Bill Allen:

A year ago last January when our state was in a deep freeze we received a phone call from our neighbor that we had a water pipe break. I did not understand the extent of damage 34,000 gallons of water could do until receiving pictures. Our insurance company contacted Reconstruction 380 out of Cedar Rapids and Waterloo, which was the best part of that horrible day! Immediately we were contacted by a 380 representative that had been to our house to begin the long process of drying out and trying to salvage items that could be saved. read more

How to Cap Your Home’s Energy Losses This Winter

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Winter has a bad habit of sucking the life out of everything, including your home’s energy savings.

The calendar’s coldest month can put a deep freeze on your home’s energy efficiency. And with El Nino cooling off and the National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) expecting temperatures to be much colder this winter – 17 percent chillier in the U.S. Midwest alone (which equates to an average of $49) – it may be extremely hard for American homeowners in the Heartland to mine energy savings this winter. For homes heated by natural gas, residential natural gas prices are forecast to average $10.37 per thousand cubic feet – an 11 percent spike from last year. read more

Can Solar Power Work Financial Wonders For Your Home Or Business?

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There is no greater energy source in the solar system than the sun, which makes it the perfect energy savings force for homes and businesses.

Millions of American home and business owners have turned to the natural power of solar energy, but just how much savings can solar energy bring your home or business? PV Solar panels offer clean, green energy with none of the harmful emissions produced by traditional energy sources like gas and electricity. read more

Spring Maintenance Checklist for Your Home

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“No winter lasts forever. No spring skips its turn.” – Author Hal Borland

We’ve weathered the snow storms, endured the cold and survived the woes of the calendar’s cruelest months. Even the notorious winter-loving Punxsutawney Phil has shed his shadow and is saying bring on spring. read more

Great Winter Flood of 2016 Threatens Midwest Homes & Businesses

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Along the lower Mississippi River todays lies stunning, costly, heartbreaking and immensely painful images of the destruction and devastation floodwaters have inflicted on thousands of Midwest U.S. home and business owners, their families, employees and customers.

The Mighty Mississippi’s waters continue to rise to record levels in many low-lying areas in Missouri and Illinois as the overflowing river continues its push south, leaving scores of flooded and destroyed homes and businesses in its wake. The National Weather Service measured the Mississippi River at Cape Girardeau, Mo., at an all-time flood record of 48.86 feet in early January. read more

El Nino Bringing Sweet Energy Cost Relief for U.S. Homeowners

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Old Man Winter is the last person home owners expect to bring them a Christmas present, but this winter could actually bring sweet heating cost relief to U.S. households.

Homeowners should send thank you cards to El Nino.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates most American households can expect lower heating expenditures this winter (October through March) compared with the past two winters. In most areas, the decline in costs is related to the mix of warmer temperatures coming from El Nino and lower fuel prices. read more