Restoration Services

With locations in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo, ServiceMaster 380 is fully prepared to get your home or business back on the road to recovery.  Disaster can strike at any time, and our expert 24-hour emergency service team in just a phone call away.

Fire & Smoke Damage

No destructive force does more structural and financial damage to a home than fire and smoke. While fire destroys furniture, walls and floors and a home’s precious contents, smoke penetrates the cavities of the house, causing structural damage and residual odors.

Water Damage

However water enters a home or building, it must be dealt with quickly and effectively to avoid other types of damage, such as mold, mildew, and even structural damage.  ServiceMaster 380 specializes in 24-hour emergency services to quickly remove and control water loss due to natural causes and system failures.

Sewage Damage

Discovering sewage in the basement is among a home owner’s worst nightmares, but on a home owner’s worst day, ServiceMaster 380 is there with a fast, thorough cleanup plan.  When sewage invades your home, ServiceMaster 380 is ready to evict it fast.

Vandalism Damage

When vandalism occurs – whether it’s graffiti, broken glass, or other forms of damage to your property – ServiceMaster 380 knows how to clean it up quickly and safely.  

Storm Damage

And whether a tree falls on your home, snow collapses your roof or hail pelts your windows, ServiceMaster 380 is the calm after the storm.